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Education system
Serbia belongs to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and has been implementing reforms in line with the Bologna Process since 2003. It now has a reformed higher education system that has introduced the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), three-cycle system of study (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and issuance of a diploma supplement.
The quality of Serbian universities is internationally recognised and they are ranked at prestigious world ranking lists of higher education institutions, especially in the field of natural sciences. Furthermore, the quality of accredited higher education institutions and their study programmes is assured at state level through accreditation and quality assurance processes. These reforms turned Serbia into an attractive study destination in the South-East Europe.
The academic year in Serbia normally starts in October with lectures lasting until June and it consists of two semesters. There are usually five exam periods during an academic year.
Universities and study programmes
Apart from the biggest state universities, such as the University of Belgrade, University of Novi Sad, University of Niš, University of Kragujevac and University of Arts in Belgrade, there are several other state and private universities and numerous colleges throughout the country. Around half of the universities in Serbia offer accredited courses in English or other foreign languages which are available to foreign students in this academic year.
A catalogue of such courses has been published and can be downloaded from the StudyInSerbia.rs website. The catalogue contains an overview of the education system, as well as a short student guide for incoming students including the information on travel, accommodation, language of instruction, free-time activities and language of instruction.

To browse all programmes for foreign students, including both those that are available for degree-seeking students, and those for visiting (mobility) students please visit the StudyInSerbia.rs, the database of learning opportunities for foreign students.
To see all education institutions in Serbia, browse programmes at all levels of study, including more than two thousand higher education programmes, and learn more about the education system, visit the national learning opportunities database, Education.rs.
Student life
For foreign students studying in Serbia there are places available in student dormitories – thus they can have complete support and fully experience student life while in Serbia. For those foreign students who want to study in the Serbian language, there are preparatory language courses either online or in Serbia.
There are several programmes that offer scholarships to spend a part of your studies or obtain your degree in Serbia, such as Erasmus+, CEEPUS, World in Serbia, bilateral cooperation programmes, etc.
More useful information for prospective students can be found in the electronic publication that can be downloaded from StudyInSerbia.rs/study
Study in Serbia.rs – database of learning opportunities for foreign students with information on institutions, programmes, student life and scholarship/mobility programmes
Mpn.gov.rs – Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia
Education.rs – database of all learning opportunities, including other education levels (primary and secondary schools)
Eurydice Serbia – overview description of the education system in Serbia

Верзија за штампу
Важне информације
Додела ордена „Grand Cordon du Wissam Al Alaoui“ Краља Мухамеда VI амбасадорки Слађани Прици Тавчиовској
Улазак страних држављана у Републику Србију
Одлука Владе К. Мароко о продужењу ванредног здравственог стања до 10. септембра о.г.
Успешно обављена евакуација грађана са простора читавог Марока евакуационим специјалим летом из Казабланке
Поновљени конкурси за суфинансирање пројеката који својим квалитетом доприносе очувању и јачању веза матичне државе и дијаспоре и матичне државе и Срба у региону
Избори за народне посланике-наставак спровођења изборних радњи
Евакуација наших држављана и долазак у Р. Србију
Измена Одлуке - Корона вирус
Примена Одлуке Владе РС о проглашењу болести COVID-19 и увођење ванредног стања на територији Р. Србије - инструкција за поступање ДКП РС у области пријема захтева за визе
Мере / препоруке Владе Републике Србије поводом заразне болести COVID-19
КОРОНА ВИРУС - Улазак у Републику Србију
Мере Владе Р. Србије поводом заразне болести COVID-19
Спровођење избора за народне посланике Републике Србје у иностранство
Резултати Конкурса за суфинансирање пројеката који доприносе очувању и јачању веза матичне државе и дијаспоре и матичне државе и Срба у региону
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Studying in Serbia - www.studyinserbia.rs
Суфинансирање пројеката који доприносе очувању и јачању веза матичне државе и дијаспоре и матичне државе Срба у региону